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Preço: R$ 40.00

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 Etiqueta Adesiva p/  Jóias, Bijouterias , Óculos , e Similares.

Material : Bopp (Plastificada)  - Cor : Branca

Medida : 84x13x1 

Quantidade: 2300 etiquetas  - Formato: Rolo

Identifique sua Loja Sem Perder o Charme e Requinte de seus Produtos !



Ribbon de Resina = Super Aderência, a impressão resiste grande manuseio,removedores e similares .

Ribbon Misto = Aderência Moderada, a impressão suporta grande manuseio .

   Nota: É possivél Escrever Manualmente com Caneta Marca CD/DVD.

Indicado para Impressora Argox OS214, Zebra TLP-2844 , GK420t , GC420,TSC TP244,ElginLT42,Bematech LB1000,Metrologic MI5300, Rabbit Plus,Argox OS214 Plus, Intermec C4, Oki X400, Eltron TLP2742, Entre outras.


(11) 5641-0186


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12 meses

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  1. jT7gvzqhf

    Postado por Shaid em 8th Sep 2013

    it literally means mvniog target! Which sounds like what you're describing, that there isn't a solid ground. The zeitgeist changes, the ground shifts. Sounds like the movement needs solid roots grassroots grow from like-minded positions, but the problem with the zeitgeist movement' is that there are too many positions and too many shifting opinions. I just like to think that, generally, the world sucks but humans will eventually (and I mean eventually) evolve. It's a SLOW process but -thanks to the internet- our progress is exponentially faster than ever ..but not fast enough for shangri-la in our lifetime, girlfriend! Margaritas anyone? [url=]xggyyjeeoq[/url] [link=]joxorwr[/link]

  2. FDHGEvX6

    Postado por Khuram em 4th Sep 2013

    Definition of Cult from Wikitionary: A group or doctrine with<a href=""> rolegiius</a>, philosophical or cultural identity sometimes viewed as a sect, often existing on the margins of society or exploitative towards its members. Usually the pejorative form is meant I can assure you that my efforts to help webcast and speak at the Town Hall meetings in Los Angeles have nothing to do with that. I don't worship anyone, there's no church, and I exploit no one, and neither am I exploited. I volunteer, in my spare time, as I can, because I see the necessity of moving towards a different social model.TZM is simply a group of people embodying the ideas of natural law and the necessity to base society upon such. This includes things like dynamic equilibrium'. We recognize the biosphere (or world) as a single, holistic system. And needs to be considered as such through a systems-approach to management of our resources. We advocate the application of the methods of science to our social concerns (aka problems) and recognize the cancer-stage the economic system is in. Acting very similar as a physical cancer to the social system host (us). There are more than enough technical possibilities available to us (current and real) to create an access abundance on this planet for the world's people, starting what we call Lifeground needs. Since about 80% of the world lives on less than $10/day and 3Billion living in varying degrees of deprivation. This leads to a social value problem which is far behind our technical abilities.So what we talk about isn't radical, it's not new, it's just not in the thinking of most of the world. So TZM has organized into chapters to embark on impacting social values globally so the possibility of a sustainable society even exists. There's is no guarantee, just a group of concerned people making an effort.Cheers,Jason

  3. giPp801h

    Postado por Acoo em 3rd Sep 2013

    tom mallard on February 13, 2009 Most rencet work has major changes that will allow FAA cert wings and fuselage for a human powered soaring glider, the design goal.#Able to change chord thickness quickly and accurately, 2-3 seconds, allows the wing to speed up to 80-kts is a goal.#Rudder is moved to become the aft part of the fuselage.#Elevator moved to strut on upper fuselage to eliminate the tail entirely.#Wings have to "bolt-on" for traveling.#Reduce fuselage volume as much as possible.#Airframe based on custom I-beam construction.#OTS whenever possible.From the rough design drawings:Fuselage frontal area: 11sf/1m^2Fuselage surface area: 100sf/9.3m^2Wing Area: 194sf/18m^2Aspect Ratio: 8AUW: 260lb/118kgCould be pusher prop, I like the prop in front but the wash can make it not worth it.Anyway, the controls and variometer of course but also some new ones that'll help the pilot with making the right choices on settings quickly in a situation.Am trying now to get it into cad, then use x-plane to "fly"it and get thrust data and stuff, 1/6th model planned soon, have Profili to help with that.Best regards,tom m [url=]ioriyfkdbg[/url] [link=]xjeydfdtajw[/link]

  4. eSBd9Uz4EAt6

    Postado por Adeliya em 2nd Sep 2013

    I'll admit to not reading the last few lines of your WALLOFTEXT, but CBS isn't that bad. Big Bang gets a bad rap, and<a href=""> dsreeves</a> it to an extent, but the show isn't that terrible. How I Met Your Mother was once upon a time the most endearing show on Television. Everything else is unwatched by this guy because he has better things to do with this time. Also, why didn't Craig say anything? Like not a word. Dwight could have gotten any black guy to sit next to him, but he chose one of the funniest on TV, and the guy doesn't say a word? Weird

  5. ZEZj2n1jm6

    Postado por Francesco em 1st Sep 2013

    The last couple sosneas of The Office have been pretty funny. Didn't really like it much while James Spader was on, but without his story arc, we wouldn't have the English woman and power-mad Andy, so all is good. On the other hand, the little Kirk Cameron wannabe on 2.5 Men is correct about pretty much all of CBS's shows; I don't particularly care about filth, but the entire CBS line-up made a dramatic shift in the past year or so and resorted to constant sexual innuendo in lieu of writing anything remotely funny. I have started to wonder if the writers who gave us all the decent CBS sitcoms moved on to other networks. The entire CBS line-up sucks balls now. Anyone still reading? Didn't think so. I apologize for killing that hobo. Feels good to get that off my chest.

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